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Theatre Japan Ensemble Narrative Performance Project

suggested donation $30

This workshop, led by director/playwright/actor Kazuki Takase, takes place for 5  10 weeks, 2 – 3 times per year, in order to develop methods for the adaptation  of works of Japanese literature for the stage, in English (primarily) and Japanese. Texts are drawn from materials ranging from Rakugo texts to classic novels such as Lafuadio Hearn's to kabuki and contempory Japanese plays. This workshop aims to stage the scripts, performing the action and dialog, and create a narrative. Each character, including a narrator, is played by multiple actors.

Currently, the workshop is working on adapting and staging the story "The Face of Jizo" (父と暮せば Chichi to Kuraseba, also translated as Living with My Father) by Hisashi Inoue. The story takes place three years after the bombing of Hiroshima and concerns a woman, Mitsue, who lost her father in the bombing and is now struggling with his ghost to move on.

Each workshop culminates in an informal performance and conversation about the work. The end goals of the workshop are to develop the performance skills and storytelling/directing tools of the participants and to develop a finished, polished work for formal presentation on the stage.


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