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Open Rehearsal: ARAGOSTA (Lobster) by ASMED Balletto di Sardegna — 7/23/14

CRS presents an intimate meet and greet and free look at a rehearsal of the NYC premiere of ARAGOSTA (Lobster), choreographed by London-based choreographer Moreno Solinas for the Italian dance company ASMED Balletto di Sardegna. The work will be performed by three dancers, Francesca Assiero Brà, Anna Paola Della Chiesa, Rachele Montis, and Artistic Director Massimiliano Leoni will be in attendance. The company will be in NY to present the work at the Between the Seas Festival on July 22 and 24, 2014.

CRS previously hosted a production by ASMED Balletto di Sardegna in September of 2011, and the work was considered to have been very beautiful and was very warmly received. We are delighted to be able to renew the relationship between our companies at this time.

ARAGOSTA carries on the company's work of research around the great non-conformist Italian stylist of the thirties, Elsa Schiaparelli, begun last year. Elsa Schiaparelli still inspires lots of generations of contemporary artists not only in Italy but also at an international level. This time, the reflection takes shape in a completely new piece enriched with surprising concepts and abstract expression codes. The new choreography stems from that unstoppable pulse to create and express oneself at all costs and despite everything; in spite of the imposed cultural roles, the crushing social conventions and the timeless conflict between the natural and social being.

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July 2014235 – 6 pm


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