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ASMED(アスメッド — Associazoione Sarda Musica e Danza) とイタリアン・ミニストリー・フォー・カルチュアル・アクティビティーが共同で開催するバレエ・ディ・サルデーニャのオリジナルプロダクション”NUR”のオープン・リハーサルです。



”NUR”の本公演は”ビトウィーン・ザ・シーズ・ダンス・フェスティバル”に参加しており2011年8月31日(水)午後9時〜と、9月2日(金)午後7時〜 Wild Project,(195 East 3rd St, New York, NY 10009 )にて上演されます。チケットはオンラインもしくはお電話(212.352.3101)でお買い求め頂けます。




About NUR's relationship with the Sardinian Culture

 “Nur” has pre-Indo-European origin and refers also to the building called “nuraghe” (or, depending on the dialects, nuràke, nuràxi, nuràcci, nuràgi, naràcu) belonging to the Nuragic Age (from second Millennium B.C.) In XIX Century this term was correlated with the Phoenician root “nur,” which means fire, or fire-temple, indicating the sun worship that would have been taken place on the terrace of Nuragic towers.

Today, however, philologists lean towards considering the word “nuraghe” like a relic of the primitive paleo-Mediterranean spoken language, with double meaning: pile and cavity. The word itself indicates the shape of the “nuraghe,” which would mean just hollow pile, hollow tower, due to the shape of its exterior, made of piled rocks.


Founded by Paola Leoni in 1982 and now directed by Guido Tuveri, the Balletto di Sardegna is the first dance company of Sardinia officially recognized by Italian institutions. Its original repertoire focuses on the quality and diversity of proposals that range from neoclassical to contemporary, using famous choreographers and dancers from Italian and international scene, including Ben Stevenson, Joseph Fontano, Tere O'Connor, Andre Lucas, Phyllis Gutelius, Massimo Moricone, Geoffrey Cauley, Cornelia Wildisen, Françoise André, Robert North, Mauro Bigonzetti, Enrica Palmieri, Mario Piazza, Gabriella Borni, Milena Zullo, Dino Verga, Giovanna Summo, Guido Tuveri. Under the new artistic director Guido Tuveri, the Balletto di  Sardegna wants to spread the thousand-year culture of Sardinia in worldwide through contemporary art.

Based in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, ASMED — L'Associazione Sarda Musica e Danza was founded in 1979 to showcase the wealth of the millenarian Sardinian culture throughout Sardinia and to the rest of the world. The Association carries out its mission through numerous initiatives: a masters of dance of international level; a course of professional formation and modernization for dancers, teachers of dance and choreography with the support of the Independent Region of the Sardinia and the European Community; a professional refresher course for teachers of the school dell' obligation approved by the Ministry of Education. Besides these contributions to the formation of professionals in the field of dance, the Association has produced, since 1981,  the International Festival New Dance in Cagliari. in 1982, ASMED created its own resident dance company, the Balletto di Sardegna.

   Traversa via della Pace, 2 – 09044 Quartucciu (CA)
    Tel +39 070 8564987
    Fax +39 1786037764

About Choreographer/Director Guido Tuveri

Choreographer Guido Tuveri has been Artistic Director of Balletto di Sardegna since 2006. His works have been presented throughout Europe and many times in New York City. In the past 25 years he has choreographed and directed more than 60 original works for different companies and events in 14 different countries of the world. He worked exstensively in the USA from 1990 till 2005, presenting six evening-length productions to positive reviews and teaching his own modern dance based technique, teaching students a new way to increase performance skill blended with athleticism and movement.  His creations blend contemporary and traditional dance with dramatic tragic/comedic scenarios and often include live singing as well. Thematically, he returns again and again to the encroachments of the larger political world onto the terrain of the human heart and passions. 

Born in Guspini, a city of the inner part of Sardinia, Guido Tuveri studied traditional Sardinian dance, Kabuki, Experimental Theatre and Acrobatics. He got Dancer and Choreographer Degree after attending the course organized by ASMED and supported by Regione Autonoma Sardegna. He attended the training course for professional dancers organized by the Company of Renato Greco in Rome, ballet courses at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, and the training course for professional dancers at the Ballet Arts City Center NYC. He got a scholarship to study at the Steps Studio and Dance Space Center in NYC. Among his several awards:

- second prize winner choreography in the competition “Rencontre Franco-Italienne et Franco-Belgique”

(Bourges, France1990).
- First prize winner choreography in the competition “Rencontre Franco-Italienne”

(Bolzano, Italy 1990).
- First prize winner choreography competition and

Price for Best Dance and Interpretation

International Dance and Choreography in the competition

”Beato Angelico”

(Rome, Italy 1990).
- In 2000 he was awarded in USA as “Outstanding in the field of the modern dance”.

He danced as leading dancer in European and North American companies. He started teaching modern Dance in 1988, when he opened his own dance studio in his native city, Guspini, Italy. Since then he has developed his own modern-dance-based dance technique and has taught it in some of the most famous dance schools of the world, such as Dance Space Center (NY), Ballet Arts at City Center (NY), Steps Studios (NY). He taught workshops for professional companies and dance teachers in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, India, Israel and Costa Rica.

In 2001 was invited by the Swedish company “Skånes Dans Teater to create the show “Love Conversations,” which was performed more than 100 times. In 2006 he taught and created a choreography “El velo de la novia” for the company of the University of Costa Rica. It was performed throughout Central America.

''Tuveri's work challenges the audience's idea of what a stage is and how it should be used.''— EXSTRABLADET Denmark 

'' Skilled in both meyhem and meditation, Tuveri's work shared the tenderness still to be found in the midst of life's terror.'' — Village Voice USA

''Tuveri's work turns the unthinkable into art.'' — Dance Spirit magazine USA

'' Powerful acting, keen direction and mesmerizing as Tuveri displays an acute sense for stage composition and an exquisite sense of theatrical timing.'' — Back Stage USA

''...Really worth seeing...with a movement language very much his own, Tuveri shines with his absurd piece about the incapability of communicating.'' — Dagens Nyeter Sweden

 For more info about  Guido please visit http://www.guidotuveri.com

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