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Conversations with Kenji Miyazawa postcard image by Hacci & Teo Yamamoto

詩と音楽とダンスシアターの夕べ  (*このイベントは終了致しました。)

料金:$10 (CRSオンラインでお求めいただけます)

  「 宮沢賢治が今生きていたなら、3.11.以降の日々、何を考え、何を見るだろうか」


 プログラム後半は、ダンスシアター「石っこ賢さん」。東京在とニューヨーク在のアーティストたちが、電子ツールを駆使して共に制作した作品で、出演は、CRSにて コンタクトインプロビゼーション・クラスを教えている中島香代子、カーリー・ザック、日本から垣内友香里を迎えての三人です。宮沢賢治にとっての天体、宇宙観、また、共感覚の持ち主ではないかと言われている賢治の脳内活動を、ダンス・ムーブメントによって、どのように表現されるか、お楽しみになさってください。 映像と音楽:二宮直也。美術:土田秀悟。演出:宗像勝。


About the Artists

A current resident of New York, NY, Carly Czach, is originally from Chicago where she completed a BFA in Dancemaking at Columbia College Chicago.  Over the lifespan of her dancing career, Carly has studied classical ballet, modern and post-modern dance forms. As a child she trained as a ballerina six days a week.  In recent years, somatic practices, improvisation as a performance form and Contact Improvisation have maintained her interests in personal and communal investigation. She has worked and studied with various artists in the field including Lisa Gonzales, Darrell Jones, Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser, and has been working with Kayoko Nakajima since 2011. Carly intends to travel nationally and abroad, further exploring improvisational forms, physics and cultural discourse. She is thrilled to make her first trip outside the United States to Japan.

Yukari Kakiuchi is a dancer and choreographer and is a founder and a director of the Benny Moss Dance Company in Tokyo. She has been producing her own monthly dance event "Tokyo Dance Tower" since 2006. She graduated from Chuo University and majored in Philosophy. She has been performing since 1991. She has been dancing since 2003 and has performed both nationally and internationally:  in China, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, and Egypt. Miss Kakiuchi won the Yamaguchi Sayoko Prize for her work "Benny Moss Futaritabi" in 2005. She started to learn street dance "Popping" last November. She is strongly interested in the revitalization of the Japanese city where major disaster hit last March. She launched the Benny Moss Art Revitalization Connection Project last year and toured in Shanghai with the artists who are survivors of Fukushima's nuclear disaster and will tour to China again this August. She is interested in cultural friendship between China and Japan. She is planning an art exchange project not only in China-Japan, but also another country. She is a Manga lover.


Hacci Morihata has been living in New York City since 1987. He has been playing a variety of instruments since he was a kid. He plays the very unique instrument called Spirit Catcher. It was made in Fukushima, Japan and sent to New York for this “Conversations with Kenji Miyazawa.”

Masaru Munekata is the director of bug-depayse: Performing Art Group http://bug-depayse.org. He has produced the art event "NaиZö:zAяanYa" several time a year since 2006. His  "multilingual" concept is to gather artists from different disciplines and present them in this event to share, to discuss, to inspire one another. His events/ works include experimental and improvisational pieces and voluntary audience participation works. He grew up in the Tohoku region where Kenji Miyazawa lived most of his life. He incorporates paint, video images, and sculptures to create the unique space for the scene for his diverse productions: dance, theater, music, visual art, video, performance art.

Kayoko Nakajima is a Japanese native New Yorker, cat lover, dancer, performing artist, composer, and musician. She is a certified Pilates instructor, a Laban Certified Movement Analyst, and holds a BA from the University of North Texas with a major in Dance and a minor in Music. She studied and performed jazz, modern, ballet, flamenco, tap, Japanese dance, and mime in Tokyo, Texas, Oklahoma, New York and Connecticut. She has performed non-scored improvisational works since 2008. She received a residency at the Field and at Earthdance. Kayoko has studied and practiced improvisational dance and Contact Improvisation for over fifteen years. She teaches Contact Improvisation at CRS. She loves Bill Viola, Olafur Eliasson, and Leonard da Vinci. She showed her video work "Black Dress Dance in Water" and her experimental improvisational performance with visual artists "ARt Seeds to ARt Sprouts Project" http://seedstosproutsproject.wordpress.com/ at the NYFA Bootstrap Festival on Feb. 2012. She is very excited about this collaborative work with Japanese performance artists, and perform in her current home, New York City, and old home, Tokyo.

Poet, visual artist, Teo Yamamoto was born in Japan. Two of her Japanese books of poems were published: “running God” and “blue elf weed.” The latest trilingual chapbook called “CODE” is being issued in conjunction with her recent exhibition at CRS Gallery. Her new book of poems will be her first bilingual book and will come out in this summer, 2012. She lives in New York City.