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Yasuko Kasaki

Yasuko Kasaki

Yasuko KasakiPresident and founder of CRS 
Spiritual counselor/healer, teacher, writer, translator 
Member of International PEN Club
Member of Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy (A.S.P.) Board member of and columnist for IBF (International Beauty Foundation)

Yasuko Kasaki is the author of 15 books in Japanese about A Course in Miracles (ACIM), as well as numerous novels and collections of photographs, short stories and essays. Her translations of the ACIM Workbook as well as books by ACIM writers Jon Mundy, Gabrielle Bernstein and David Hoffmeister and works by poet Maya Angelou and others have also been published in Japan. She is currently translating Mari Perron's A Course of Love and the ACIM Original Edition into Japanese for publisher Natural Spirit. She has been offering spiritual counseling, reading, instruction and healing to individuals and groups since 1999. In 2004 she and partner Christopher Pelham founded CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing), the first and only spiritual center devoted to the teaching and practice of ACIM in New York City. In addition to teaching weekly classes at CRS, Yasuko travels several times a year to Japan where she teaches seminars organized by the vibrant community of study groups established by her students, by International Beauty Foundation for which she is a board member and columnist, and with other leading lecturers and healers.

In her classes, Ms. Kasaki sequentially teaches the text of ACIM, and through abundant use of guided meditation and creative visualization, facilitates experiential learning and practice of the concepts of ACIM, and by extension, of channeling, clairvoyance, reading and understanding the dynamics of universal energy, and the essence of spiritual healing. She has now taught and worked with more than 1,000 people in New York and Japan to help resolve their mental and physical issues. Several of Ms. Kasaki’s long-time students have also begun to offer psychospiritual healing and instruction at CRS and elsewhere. Through CRS outreach programs, her students now offer ACIM classes in Westchester, NY and Edgewater, NJ.

Ms. Kasaki was born in Tokyo, Japan. She attended Gakushuin University, Tokyo, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese language and Japanese literature and a Teacher’s Certificate in junior high and high school education. Befrore graduating, her photo essay of street kids, Harajuku Takenoko-zoku, was published by Daisan Shokan Ltd. Shortly thereafter, she began working as an editor for the women’s monthly magazine Free. This opportunity in turn opened the door to a series of freelance jobs as writer, translator, and photographer for numerous magazines and companies. Two years later in 1987 Ms. Kasaki completed and published her first novel, Owaranai natsu. The following year she moved to New York City, where she has since written numerous other books, novels, short stories, and essays, published in Japan. Ms. Kasaki has also translated several American books into Japanese, most notably Maya Angelou’s lyrical collection of essays, Even the Stars Look Lonesome.

While still a young girl, Yasuko Kasaki became aware that she was to devote her life to the exploration of the human heart and soul. Initially, her passion flowered in the fields of photography, journalism, and literature. Many fruitful years as a writer and searcher carried her into contact with various spiritual teachers, several of whom brought her quest for psychospiritual understanding into sharper focus and uncovered her own abilities as a healer. She has attended workshops and studied meditation, spiritual reading, quantum healing and clairvoyance with many teachers, including Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer. She has also studied holistic health, attending Gary Null’s holistic health class. With Bruce Davis Ph.D, Matthew Hanson, and several others she studied and completed A Course in Miracles, which she now considers to be the surest path to peace, joy and healing.