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An Introduction to ACIM-Based Healing at CRS

A Course in Miracles coverCRS was founded by Spiritual Counselor & Healer Yasuko Kasaski to extend the principles of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which forms the foundation of her counseling and teaching practices. The essence of this philosophy is that the only reality is truth and the only truth is unchanging, perfect love. We are all expressions of this holy spirit of love; all else, all apparent sickness, vulnerability, separation, and sin are merely the delusions of an out-of-control imagination, a projection of mental confusion. How do we free ourselves of these torments? Simply by remembering our true spiritual reality.

"Determine, then, to be not as you were. Use no relationship to hold you to the past, but with each one each day be born again. A minute, even less, will be enough to free you from the past, and give your mind in peace over to the Atonement. When everyone is welcome to you as you would have yourself be welcome to your Father, you will see no guilt in you." ACIM Ch 13.X.5.2-4

Healing Services at CRS


Our approach is to give you complete, non-judgmental, loving attention so that you may re-connect with your own true self and thereby regain a sense of calm, confidence, purpose, and direction.

Private Spriritual Counseling with Yasuko Kasaki

Private Spiritual Counseling with Christopher Pelham



Monday & Tuesday 7 – 7:50 pm
Thursday 11 – 11:50 am

Sunday 1 - 2 pm ( 2nd week of Sunday 12 - 1 pm)



Guided Meditation with Yasuko Kasaki
Tuesday 6:30 – 7 pm

Meditating with A Course in Miracles with Yasuko Kasaki
• Monday 8 – 9:30 pm Open class



Meditating with A Course in Mircales with Yasuko Kasaki
• Tuesday 8 – 10 pm Advanced class
• Thursday 12 – 2 pm Open class

A Course in Miracles for Parents with Naoko Ono and Etsuko Sakamoto
• once a month Thursday 12  – 2 pm (check CRS class schedule for details) Open class

Meditating with A Course in Miracles with Nana Masuda
• Saturday 6:30 – 8:30 pm Open class