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Counseling with Katherine Abegg

Healing philosophy:

As a student of A Course in Miracles, my healing practice is rooted in the fundamental principles of the course: forgiveness, love and the sharing of spirit. Healing occurs any time that these goals are shared between two or more people. So, with these goals in mind, I will work with you to release the feelings of guilt, self-doubt and fear that make their way into our energy and begin to habitually inform our thought processes and decisions.

It is always my primary intention to help you discover what your spirit most wants to express right now. You will likely feel a sense of urgency around any previously delayed creative projects, challenging relationships and basic self-care. By connecting with spirit and observing the natural state of dignity, strength and peace, I will locate the blocks in the energy field around your body. By removing blocks rooted in the past, you will be able to experience a more direct sensation of inner freedom, abundance and love that will carry over from the healng session into your daily life. Over time, you will notice yourself becoming more receptive to the healing work and, together, we will help you to discover and utilize you own healing power.

You may come into the session with a specific issue or question pertaining to physical or emotional health or for general spiritual guidance. Either way, your spirit will always communicate the issue that is at the heart of what you are experiencing and that most needs to be addressed in the present moment. Spiritual healing is an excellent complement to any course of medical care you may be following.

What to expect in a healing session:

I will begin by guiding you through a short meditation before performing an assessment and adjustment of the energy/chakra centers that need attention. I will move around your body, sometimes lightly touching certain areas, such as the head and shoulders.

Often, I will receive images or messages from your current situation, childhood or past life during the session. After the energy adjustment, I will take a few moments to share these messages with you. You may also take this opportunity at the end of the session to share your experience of the healing and ask any questions that may have arisen.


Sessions are $100/hr or $50/30' and are by appointment.

About Katherine Abegg

“Back of creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: it comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur.”
— Henry Miller


Katherine Abegg


Katherine grew up in a South Texas border town, raised on a small town brand of Episcopalianism with a dash of Mexican voodoo. Drawn to the mystery and ritual of Orthodox liturgy and costume, she talked her mother into taking her to church most Sundays. Her devotion was solemn, her faith complete and unquestioned. She served as an acolyte. She was confirmed. And then she moved to a new town, where church was a social, not a solemn event. She joined a teenage bible study in which the flaws of other faiths were mocked and the bible was saved for another time. One particularly demanding high school semester, she stopped going to bible study and church in order to focus on school. And in that time, her mind changed dramatically. She initiated conversations with peers of other faiths at school. She questioned the dogma of her youth. She got philosophical and starry eyed and a little bit cynical. She never went back to bible study.

For several years, Katherine read.And read and read and read. She found hope and grace and the power to transform herself in literature, poetry and music. She was conspicuously a-religious for many years. Unable to think about what she was, she defined herself by what she was not. Spirituality seemed to be a distant and vague idea, unembraceable, even elite. At that time, the concept of non-duality was beautiful and enchanting, but meaningless.

In 2004, Katherine moved to New York and within a year she was introduced to A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and Yasuko. Reading the ACIM text, with its non-delineated definition of spirit, all the philosophy became less ethereal and more available, even downright utilitarian. Because if there is truly no such thing as separation, then it only follows that  hope and grace and power live not in secret, but in everything. Every face we meet, every sound we hear, every moment, is potentially redemptive.

For eight years, Katherine has developed a practice based upon the belief that all experience is elective and that the healing process is all about simply offering love, forgiveness and peace to whatever lies in front of you. She is happy to have found her spiritual home in the middle of New York City. Katherine now calls New York home and spends her time acting, healing and traveling.