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A Course of Love — Wednesdays 9/2 – 10/21/15

CRS co-founders and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teachers Yasuko Kasaki and Christopher Pelham invite you to join them in exploring Mari Perron's beautiful book A Course of Love. We'll begin at the beginning of the book and work our way through it together week by week, taking breaks whenever Yasuko is away teaching in Japan (usually November, March and July).

It may be astonishing to hear that there is a “continuation” of A Course in Miracles, but it is true. Forty years ago Jesus dictated ACIM to the scribe Helen Schucman. More recently, over three years, he similarly dictated A Course of Love. Jesus himself referred to what he was dictating as a “continuation of A Course in Miracles.” Students of ACIM will recognize the Voice. Students of truth, whatever their background, will find that ACOL resonates with the heart. 

A Course of Love builds upon the same non-dualistic thought system as ACIM, yet it is a course for the heart. ACOL and ACIM work hand-in-hand. Yet remarkably, ACOL bypasses the mind. It uses thought to go beyond thought. Those yearning to access the heart’s knowing will find help here. This is your invitation to live the purposeful, meaningful life of the new—the reality of heaven on earth.

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9/2 – 10/21/15Wednesdays8 – 9:30 pm


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