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Radiation Monitoring Project Launch Party & screening of Crying Earth Rise Up — 4/26/15

Crying Earth Rise Up | 2015
Suree Towfighnia — director
in English, 57' 

CRS, Sloths Against Nuclear StateDiné No Nukes, and Nuclear Energy Information Service invite you to a benefit supporting the launch of the Radiation Monitoring Project, featuring the NYC premiere of "Crying Earth Rise Up." This documentary tells the story of two women who resolve to uncover the human cost of uranium mining and its impact on sacred water. The film will be followed by a discussion and short presentation about "Radiation Monitoring Project: Protecting the Communities. Watching the Watchers." Find out what you can do to take part on the struggle against uranium mining and nuclear energy. Admission is free and donations will be collected to support the Project.

Debra White Plume is a Lakota grandmother and tireless leader in the fight to protect her people's water and land from corporate polluters. Debra is the lead plaintiff in a case challenging uranium mining on Lakota treaty territory. Elisha Yellow Thunder intimately understands the dangers of contaminated water. A young mother and a geology student, she unknowingly drank water with high levels of radiation while pregnant with her first daughter, whose severe medical anomalies are life-threatening. "Crying Earth Rise Up" documents the growing movement of native and non-native people of the Great Plains in their battle to stop the expansion of uranium mining.

More details will be announced soon!

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April 2015266:30 pm


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