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123 4th Ave, 2nd FL
New York, NY  10003

Visual Art at CRS

an intimate space for big ideas

Since opening in 2004, CRS has exhibited paintings, photography, fiber arts, ceramics, and, on occasion, diminutive sculpture. Thus far, we have primarily exhibited artists who are members of the CRS community or with whom we already have some relationship. We have worked with artists who have never exhibited anywhere before as well as with artists who have had gallery representation and many shows. Either way, we try to time our selections so that they may help the artist to take a step forward.

If you are interested in having your work exhibited at CRS, please start by emailing us a link to your portfolio, or jpgs of several images, as well as your bio, resume, and artist statement. Please make sure to make clear what kind of work you want to show in this exhibition and why. If we are interested, we will get in touch to discuss the possible show in more detail.

Our lobby is small, wall space limited, and our ceiling height in the lobby is only 7'9" so art work cannot be more than about 30 – 36 inches tall). Smaller art works are most practical.

CRS does not currently charge any fee for exhibitions nor does it take any percentage of proceeds from sales of art work. However, if someone does wish to purchase art work on display at CRS, we ask that the buyer contact the artist directly to make the purchase.

CRS offers participating artists the opportunity to have a two-hour opening reception at no cost on a Saturday somewhere between 4 – 8 pm, depending on availability. If the artists wishes to have an opening reception at a different time, he/she would need to rent the space to do so. The artist is responsible for providing any beverages or snacks he/she wishes to serve at the opening reception.

Artists are responsible for hanging their show by themselves and must provide before the opening a catalog/price list, bio, and artist statement for display during the exhibition.

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) accepts no responsibility for any damages that may befall any art works on display and will not purchase or reimburse the artist for any damage. The artist is wholely responsible for installing the art works securetly and accepts all risk. It is important to understand that the CRS lobby is sometimes extremely full of people. They may be wearing coats and backpacks. They may brush up against a work on the wall. We do our best to watch out for the work but accidents can happen.

Most exhibitions at CRS last approximately one to two months. At the end of the exhibition, the artist is responsible for taking down and removing the art works. The artist is also required to spackle and paint any places on the walls that were discolored or damaged.