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Call for Entries: SHOW & TELL Live Music Series


LIVE MUSIC SHOW & TELL is a curated live music series that provides a chamber-music like setting for the performance and discussion of mostly acoustic music, primarily of international origin, including world music, early music, classical and jazz, "new" music, and multi-disciplinary collaborations with video or dance artists. The programs are recorded (audio and/or video). Segments may be featured and archived on the internet, and we provide participating musicians a recording of the complete gig and a portion of the box office.


Performances can take place on Saturday nights at 8 pm  in the CRS Studio Theatre just off Union Square in Manhattan and feature 45–75 minutes of intimate live music by one or two acts, sprinkled with stories told by the musicians and/or interview/audience Q&A segments conducted by the evening’s host. 


If you are inspired to share your work in a classy and holy environment and you can bring enough of an audience (20 – 50) to make it worthwhile, please apply (see below)!

Together, let’s create a series that puts the music and the communication first, where audience members can sit comfortably and interact with the artists more so than at a typical club gig. We hope to see you in the studio!


To apply, please submit via email:

  • contact info (for ensembles, list one contact person of record)
  • links to recordings online (or mail/drop off a CD)
  • bio(s)
  • representative list of previous gigs, dates, and audience sizes

          (if you won’t bring 20+ audience, please do not apply...or apply with another act)

  • desired/available dates (indicate order of preference, if any)

Application deadlines:

60 days prior to each show
(we try to book 90+ days in advance to facilitate advertising)


Tickets are now usually $20 (students/seniors $10). Solo acts will receive one (1) comp, group acts two (2) comps.  No other comps will be issued except to record label scouts, photographers, presenters, and critics. Promotional ticket offers may be offered at the sole discretion of CRS.

We retain the first $100 of box office proceeds to cover our costs, and split any remaining money 50%/50% with the artist. Maximum seating is 50 people. An additional 10 people may be squeezed in standing or on the floor, depending....

Artists are encouraged to bring their recordings and merchandize to sell at the gig and keep 100% of all resulting revenue from such sales.


Yamaha P-95B Digital Piano and stand

Yamaha MG166CX 16 Channel Mixer With Compression and Effects 

2 JBL EON-10 powered speakers with tripod stands 

1 Shure Beta 58A dynamic vocal mic

1 Shure SM57 dynamic vocal mic

1 GT Convertible condenser vocal/instrument mic 

1 Shure SM81 condenser instrument mic

1 Shure SM7B vocal/studio mic

2 mic stands (and one floor/table mic stand)

3 music stands

1 dual CD player with pitch control 

The CRS Studio Theatre is also equipped with an HD video projector, professional projection screen, and upconverting Oppo Blu-ray/DVD player.