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Opening Reception for Exhibition: Tribute to Roland Petit. The relationship between the great French choreographer and Italy and Italian Opera Houses

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The CRS Gallery is pleased to announce an opening reception for the photo exhibiition “Tribute to Roland Petit. The relationship between the great French choreographer and Italy and Italian Opera Houses.” Roland Petit (Jan 13, 1924 – July 10, 2011) was one of the icons of 20th century dance. During the opening, there will be a talk given by Carmela Piccione, curator of the exhibition, as well as an open rehearsal of the dance/theatre/music production Nur by the Balletto di Sardegna dance company.

Sardinia wants to remember Roland Petit (January 13rd 1924  – July  10th 2011) and his wife, Zizi Jeanmaire, two icons of the xx century in the field of dance, with the multi-media presentation Roland Petit, Italy and USA. The seasons of his heart and of his creativity” by Carmela Piccione. Carmela Piccione is an Italian dance critic. She will trace the extraordinary career of the two artists following the emotional tie that strengthened  their harmony, their works and their projects. She will focus on the relationships with other art fields, such as fashion, cinema, contemporary music, sculpture and painting. Some video projections  will show some of the most famous Petit’s productions interpreted by Zizi Jeanmaire. His career will be reconstructed through the memories of some dancers who worked with him and through some quotes from his autobiography “J’ai dansé sur les flots” (I danced on waves) published by Grasset.

The exhibition, on loan from Italy, was created by Carmela Piccione and PAola Leoni, and organized by ASMED — Associazoione Sarda Musica e Danza and the Italian Ministry for Cultural Activities. It includes photographs of Petit's opera ballets performed in the most important Italian opera houses: Fondazione Teatro La Scala in Milan (photos by Lelli & Masotti, Erio Piccagliani e Andrea Tamoni), Fondazione Teatro dell’Opera in Rome (photos by Corrado Maria Falsini) and the Fondazione Teatro di San Carlo in Naples (photos by Alessio Buccafusca e Luciano Romano). The photographs will be on display at CRS from August 27 – September 4, 2011.

For more information, visit the exhibition announcement.